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Infotainment Offering Plenty of Information

Each of the major car companies offer very advanced infotainment systems and basic systems in new cars

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Infotainment Systems Changing Rapidly

Stan Moon

Infotainment Systems

Technology has become a major part of everyone's lives over the last few years, in fact so much so that everyone expects certain things from their vehicle. This is what brings about each of the auto makers own sync technology. For instance many cars now feature a standard information system for plenty of things about your car like:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Oil Levels / Change
  • Trip
  • MPH

  • These are usually built within your dash and near your speedometer. All the information is given in digital format which some actually prefer over the standard ways. It does give you better and more available information about your vehicle to keep up your monthly maintenance on the car. This is sought heavily by a big majority of people buying cars.

    Not to mention many of these systems are customized to their respective cars. Add in that you can have things like OnStar to keep you up to date on oil change schedule, car maintenance, not to mention it's current location. Many of our car technologies have advanced quite a bit and many auto makers have their own higher end version of these infotainment systems such as:

    • Chevy MyLink
    • Ford's MyFordTouch
    • Chrysler UConnect
    • Kia UVO
    • Toyota Entune

    These are generally a color 7" touch panel screen built into the dash where the radio is to control not only the radio but also sync with your phone. You can transfer certain apps to it, like internet radio, amongst other things. Standard on higher trims of most of the cars it is a wanted technology that provides navigation and overall better control on your phone too.

    With these systems powered by mobile chipsets it becomes easy to sync in applications to work with your car. This leads also to developers to possibly work on giving better more informative apps directly in your car. With plenty of holiday car sales coming up this could be added incentive to buying a car.

    Connecting your phone to your car

    Most feature the ability to do voice commands to keep you focused on driving, just another way to stop those who cannot seem to stop the texting and driving. It is funny to think that just a few years ago the biggest problem with cell phones was how many people talk and drive.

    Most of the new vehicles have the ability to connect via Bluetooth to help reduce the distractions in the car. It would seem these flashy new screens might be counter-intuitive to some, but with an emphasis on voice commands to keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road it may turn out to help some of the current problems.

    How well it accomplishes this time will tell as more of these are rolled out into cars. The convenience and features given are great to have, with the reception of having the oil monitor and tire pressure monitor being so far great. If you're buying a new car this year then you're going to see these systems available in those vehicles.

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