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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these cars come from?

Due to the current economy, now more than ever there are clearance cars that car dealers need to sell quickly. Auto dealerships obtain cars from many sources and they love it when they have the opportunity to buy a car below its wholesale value. When our auto dealers obtain these cars at less than their wholesale value, they pass the savings on to you - allowing them to earn a new customer, move their inventory quickly and reinvest that money to buy more vehicles.

These vehicles come from the following sources: 1) auctions, 2) car dealerships that are closing, 3) consumers that really need to sell their car due to financial problems, 4) bank repossessions, 5) bank liquidations, 6) wholesalers, 7) private parties, 8) trade ins, 9) lease returns, 10) rental car companies that need to purchase new vehicles, 11) dealerships that are overstocked and want to get rid of a large number of vehicles, 12) fleet management companies who manage large fleets for big corporations, 13) large companies who own their own fleets as well as many other sources. These vehicles are inspected and reconditioned by the selling auto dealer to ensure you receive a good quality vehicle to meet your needs. This is a chance for the general public to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity.

Why can you get a good deal on these vehicles?

There are many reasons that vehicles sell at or below wholesale. On of the things we have seen is that the crisis in the auto industry, which continues to this day in huge proportions and is now affecting almost every country, has caused demand for vehicles to fall sharply all over the globe, with sales reaching lows not seen in many years. These overstocked vehicles are now being offered to the public in the greatest buying event ever. In addition, the economy has caused new car sales to dip from a high of 17 million a year to levels that have dipped below 12 million, which has caused many car lots to close and forced them to sell their inventories to our car dealership clients. In the last several years over 1,700 automobile dealers have closed their doors, leaving behind thousands of vehicles available for immediate liquidation. Dealers with used car listings on AutoLiquidator.com have taken advantage of those savings and are able to pass those savings on to you.

What price will I pay?

Pricing is market driven just like your lobster and crab, it changes daily. We suggest you do your research on Kelly or nada to get local suggested pricing so you can make an educated bid. Keep in mind automobile dealers and sellers are very motivated to sell, but there is still a bottom line so again research Kelly and N.A.D.A to have a reasonable offer ready.

Are Dealers or Wholesalers allowed to participate?

No auto dealers or wholesalers are allowed to participate in these special offers from our car dealership clients. If an auto dealer is unable to liquidate an auto to the public they will sell it in a dealer only auto auction to other car dealers or wholesalers.

How long will these autos be available?

These auto classifieds are very time sensitive - the cars will only be in liquidation status for a limited timeframe, so you need to act fast in order to get the auto you want. Each auto dealership will determine the length of time the public will be given the opportunity to buy these cars. Therefore, if you see a car you like, you should submit your information and then get to the car lot quickly. If you don't see a car you like, then submit your information and tell our automobile dealers what you are looking for. They will use their buying power and find you the car you want at a great price.

What types of cars are available?

Nearly every make and model will be available for liquidation. If one of these auto dealers doesn't have a particular automobile in stock they have access to thousands of new and used car classifieds and can find the one you want. All vehicles are available for pre-inspection and test drive and will be liquidated on a first come first served basis with more arriving daily. There are millions of these automobiles in inventory which have been assembled at our car dealers for the biggest liquidation ever.

Can I get a warranty on these vehicles?

We highly recommend that you get a warranty to protect yourself from unforeseen problems that can occur with your automobile. Warranties will be available on qualified autos and in some cases the remainder of a factory warranty will be transferred to the new car buyer. In addition, all of our dealers offer extended warranties and will help guide you in making the decision to protect you and your vehicle from a financial hiccup if something happens to your car mechanically.

What if I have bad credit or no credit?

Our dealers can help consumers that have good credit, bad credit or no credit. Just select the vehicle you are looking for and then let the dealership know you will need instant auto financing. There are many national and local banks in your area that have set aside funds for event financing. Banks are desperate to approve loans and our car dealers are here to help you get the vehicle you want. Take advantage of this special offer as the banks are doing all they can to entice borrowers to apply now.

Which bank will finance me?

When you go to the car lot with all of your documentation the auto dealer will place you with national auto finance company that best fits your needs. There are many different types of banks for different credit situations. Our car dealerships work with lenders that have some of the best financing programs available in your area. These automobile dealers are the most aggressive in your market with respect to pricing their autos and getting customers financed. Let them work for you.

Will these car dealers buy my existing car or take it as a trade in?

Absolutely they will. Car lots are always eager to acquire new inventory. Bring in your used car trade, title and/or payment book so you can be prepared to take immediate delivery of your new car. At most events, buyers will be standing by to bid on your trade in, assuring you of the best possible trade in value.

Is this an auction?

It's better than an auto auction, not only do you get to buy as if you were a car dealer, you will not have to pay cash for your purchase; auto financing is available regardless of your credit situation. In addition to the auction were you must take your vehicle purchase as-is, we provide safety inspected and certified vehicles, and warranties are available.

Will I be buying an automobile from a car lot?

Yes, in all cases you will be buying the car from a retail automobile dealer. In most cases, the car lot owns the vehicle, although in some cases they may be selling it for a bank, credit union or other lending institution - in which case the lender needs an automobile dealer to handle the vehicle's sale, documentation, tax, title and licensing.

Does AutoLiquidator.com own these cars?

No, we are a local and national auto sales liquidation specialist that assists car lots in advertising the fact that they have to sell and liquidate their vehicles quickly at discount prices.

Will I need money down?

Most lenders require anywhere from 5% to 15% down, but it really depends on your individual credit situation. If you have really good credit, there are instances in which you could qualify to purchase a vehicle with no money down. Since our car dealers are experts in getting people financed no matter what their credit situation is, the best thing to do is to select the vehicle(s) you want, submit that choice via AutoLiquidator.com, then visit the car lot to see which auto finance options are available to you.

Are there any fees to participate in the liquidation process?

There is absolutely no fee for you to browse and shop on AutoLiquidator.com, submit a request, go to the car lot, look at the cars and make an offer. Of course, when you buy a car, there is the purchase price of the vehicle plus all the normal fees you incur when you purchase a vehicle.

2024 Mitsubishi Mirage

36 City / 43 Hwy

MSRP $16,695 Clearance Priced
2024 Hyundai Venue

29 City / 33 Hwy

MSRP $19,900 Clearance Priced
2024 Mitsubishi Mirage G4

35 City / 41 Hwy

MSRP $17,795 Clearance Priced
2024 Kia Forte

30 City / 41 Hwy

MSRP $19,990 Clearance Priced
2024 Nissan Versa

27 City / 35 Hwy

MSRP $16,680 Clearance Priced
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