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Your Cars Value Over Time

Not always thought of when buying a car but something to consider is how the car value depreciates.

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Avoiding Quick Car Depreciation Rate

Kenny Dent

Car Value Depreciates

Everyone is very aware when they sign the dotted line and buy a car that once you drive off the lot the value has decreased. It is no secret or anything hidden, once you buy it and as soon as you drive it off that lot the value is lower than it was once you bought it and by no means has it gone down a small amount.

There is no way to eliminate the depreciating value of your car, but there are ways to make sure your car will still be able to sell for a fair price when you go to sell it. However it should be noted that there is no sure way to be certain your car will retain a high resale value. There are a few tips and things to help lead you to a car that should retain a higher resale value, but nothing is completely assured.

When you're buying a car something you may not consider that often is if you're going to trade it in later or sell it later on down the road. If you are planning on this then you should look into things like:

  • Is the car made for fleet distribution?
  • Popular model?
  • In Car Tech up to date or popular?
  • The color of the vehicle

Even if you're not planning on reselling it is a good idea to keep this in mind, everything down to the color can make a difference. Sure it may be something you wanted that limited edition hot pink, but the market isn't very strongly demanding that type of color.

Options aren't limited but choose wisely

While you have plenty of options when buying a car, adding in convenient tech in your car is a good idea. Not just for your own convenience sake, but for resale also. If you buy a bare bones basic model with older tech and things that are less than the standard on most cars out during it's time, then you'll not see a great return when you go to sell it.

This by no means should lead you to completely go for the full package, get what you find convenient and is affordable to you. All these factors, as small as they may seem, come into play if you end up selling the car later on in the cars life. This doesn't matter if you're going out to purchase a used car or new car.

The obvious thing to do is also keep good care of the car, this is good advice no matter what to get the best return on your investment. However it is doubly important if you plan on selling it again. Taking good care of it, and if possible not adding tons of miles to the car, can help the resale value. In any case when you decide if you're buying a used or new car you can look to see if the cars will be a car you can resell later on.

Buying Cars That Don't Depreciate as Fast

It is a good point to know what auto maker's models are popular 'fleet' car models as well. Avoiding this will help you side-step from trying to sell your car in a used car market flooded with retired fleet cars. Considering these are made and ordered in bulk your competition would be huge.

On that you should also be aware of the auto makers current financial situation and status in the industry. It is always good to avoid this anyway just in case the rare event that the company is no longer around. It becomes really difficult to find repair parts for it, and you'll have to resort to junk yard diving.

This should by no means be the only thing you think about when buying a car, but this is something to consider. If you want to get some return on your investment or you want to sell it for a down-payment later on these are a few things that might help you decide on a car. In the end the decision is down to you, and what you need or want from your vehicle. When you do come to your decision using a AutoLiquidator can help in your car research, purchasing, and financing.

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