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New Cars Under $15000 That Will Be Efficient On Gas Too

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Find Great Affordable New Cars Under $15000

Eric Wills

Great New Vehicles at Affordable Prices

Options have opened up dramatically over the past few decades in the auto industry. With it we get plenty of choices when it comes to buying our cars, including the options to find the best possible MPG for our money. Below is a short list of the current 2013 models that are not only affordable but average 30MPG. These cars will not only be affordable, but also with enough fuel efficiency to save you even more money during the course of the cars life.

This is the perfect time to upgrade your vehicle, and this list below just shows some of the options available for those trying to buy a car on a tight budget. There are plenty of used cars available at many dealers throughout the united states, but these are just a few affordable cars under 15000 that are available.

The cars below are all based off their automatic transmissions, and on the MSRP.

Hyundai Accent
GLS Sedan ($14,545)
GLS Hatchback ($14,795)
SE Hatchback ($16,095)
28 City
37 Highway
32 Combined

Ford Fiesta
S Sedan ($13,200)
SE Sedan ($15,200)
Titanium Sedan ($17,200)
S Hatchback ($14,200)
SE Hatchback ($16,200)
Titanium Hatchback ($18,200)
29 City
39 Highway
33 Combined

Smart Fortwo
Pure Hatchback ($12,490)
Passion Hatchback ($14,890)
Convertible ($17,890)
34 City
38 Highway
36 Combined

Mazda Mazda2
Touring Hatchback ($14,720)
Sport Hatchback ($16,210)
29 City
35 Highway
32 Combined

Kia Rio
LX Sedan ($14,700)
EX Sedan ($16,500)
SX Sedan ($17,700)
28 City
36 Highway
31 Combined

Kia Soul
Base ($14,400)
Plus ($17,700)
Exlaim ($14,900)
25 City
30 Highway
27 Combined

Chevrolet Sonic
LS Sedan ($14,185)
LT Sedan ($15,640)
LTZ Sedan ($17,250)
LS Hatchback ($14,785)
LT Hatchback ($16,240)
LTZ Hatback ($17,850)
RS Hatchback ($20,185)
26 City
35 Highway
30 Combined

Chevrolet Spark
LS Hatchback ($12,185)
1LT Hatchback ($13,785)
2LT Hatchback ($16,890)
32 City
38 Highway
34 Combined

Nissan Versa
S Sedan ($11,990)
S Plus Sedan ($13,790)
SV Sedan ($15,240)
SL Sedan ($16,890)
27 City
36 Highway
30 Combined

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13 City / 18 Hwy
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