Review of the 2013 Ford Fiesta

2013 Ford Fiesta is in the top of it's small car class and has plenty of features the draw in possible buyers.

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2013 Ford Fiesta Review

Eric Wills

Review of the 2013 Ford Fiesta


The Ford Fiesta was introduced into the market back in 2010, and has made a name for itself in the small car class. The small car class has always had its ups and downs, but with plenty of affordably priced and fuel efficient vehicles they draw in plenty of people looking to buy a new car. The 2013 Ford Fiesta is one of the top cars in this class.

With many small compact cars there are things to expect, the obvious one is the back seat room is rather limited. While the back seats may be limited on space, the front seats are still comfortable. The 2013 Ford Fiesta is no exception of this either, with 29 city 39 highway miles per gallon and a starting MSRP for $13,200 it is a great new car deal.

The only major downside, and really it is a downside of all these 4-cyl engine vehicles is highway driving. Due to the 4-cyl not being able to power as much as a standard 6-cyl some have issues with high speed highway driving and passing. This doesn't make it an attractive car for its price the car drives smoothly and has very crisp handling. For those looking for an affordable new car may find it difficult to find a better deal than the Ford Fiesta.

2013 Ford Fiesta
Starting MSRP Max City / Hwy MPG
$13,200 29 / 39
Pros Cons
Great interior Rear seats have little legroom
Smooth manual transmission Counterintuitive interior controls
Great handling
Comfortable front seats
2013 Ford Fiesta Trims

One area that the Ford Fiesta stands out in it's class is it's options available on the trim levels. Each trim keeps the same engine at the base level, so no matter what your base option of the 4cyl- 1.6l engine doesn't change. However at each trim you can get an automatic transmission over the standard manual transmission. Such things like having a hatchback added, you get the same interior and exterior on each trim, but with an added 5th door to make it a hatchback.

With plenty of options ranging from a cargo management package, to a better stereo you can make this car truly your own unique experience. Many of these convenience features becoming standard moving up to the SE trim level, as well as still having the same optional across the board.

Ford Fiesta Trims
Name MSRP Engine Best MPG City / Hwy
Sedan S $13,200 1.6L V4 29 / 39
Hatchback S $14,200 1.6L V4 29 / 39
Sedan SE $15,200 1.6L V4 29 / 39
Hatchback SE $16,200 1.6L V4 29 / 39
Sedan Titanium $17,200 1.6L V4 29 / 39
Hatchback Titanium $18,200 1.6L V4 29 / 39
2013 Ford Fiesta Performance

No matter the trim you decide, and the optional packages you attach to the vehicle you'll be cruising with a 4-cyl 1.6l engine with 120 horsepower. You won't be drag racing this vehicle any time soon, but the fuel efficiency can be seen and is felt with each stop at the pump.

The car accelerates fine, but many have problems with high speed highway passing situations. This has been something each company has been tackling with these 4-cyl engines. For those interested you can get the optional package for the Fiesta to boost your fuel economy slight to 29/40. It is a fun car to drive in it's class, and rides well even over uneven ground.

2013 Ford Fiesta Interior
Interior / Exterior

The interior can range from a really high tech luxury experience to a standard system available in most vehicles. Starting with the SE trim you get a 4inch screen for your radio to better utilize the auxiliary plug in for your iPod, Zune or mp3 player of your choice.

With the availability of a hatchback or sedan you can plenty of features for the exterior. Some of the optional are keyless entry with keypad, and the "fiesta stripe" graphic. The car has Fords Easy Fuel cap less fuel system has the Fiesta with no fuel cap. A spring loaded system that you can fill up and go easily and quickly.

2013 Ford Fiesta Safety

The Ford Fiesta scores high marks and is a very safe car to drive. With being a fun car, and safe car it easy to see why many people have chosen to buy this car. The affordable price and safety features available are very attractive for its price tag.

Feating an electronic stability control, traction control, front-seat, side-curtain, drivers knee airbags it is easy to understand why the marks are high in safety. Should you have an accident you have plenty of area covering you to avoid more damage. Not to mention help in controlling the vehicle to avoid spin-outs or losing control of the vehicle.

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