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Used Cars for Sale Under $10000

Find cars under 10000 dollars. Get vehicles less than $10,000 in your local area from auto dealers who can give you the best below budget price on the market.

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Reliable Used Cars for Under $10K Near You
Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 86,987
2013 Volvo S60

Fuel Economy : 21 City / 30 HWY
Located In : Chantilly, VA

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 87,584
2013 Buick Verano

Fuel Economy : 21 City / 32 HWY
Located In : Leesburg, VA

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 74,442
2014 MINI Cooper Paceman

Fuel Economy : 28 City / 35 HWY
Located In : FAIRFAX, VA

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 111,510
2010 Toyota RAV4

Fuel Economy : 22 City / 28 HWY
Located In : Falls Church, VA

Vehicle Price $8,500 Mileage 134,936
2010 Nissan Murano

Fuel Economy : 18 City / 23 HWY
Located In : Falls Church, VA

Vehicle Price $5,500 Mileage 118,664
2005 Toyota Corolla

Fuel Economy : 32 City / 41 HWY
Located In : Falls Church, VA

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 89,839
2015 Nissan Rogue

Fuel Economy : 26 City / 33 HWY
Located In : Woodbridge, VA

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 46,926
2012 Volkswagen Jetta

Fuel Economy : 30 City / 42 HWY
Located In : Alexandria, VA

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 128,926
2011 BMW 3 Series

Fuel Economy : 23 City / 36 HWY

Vehicle Price $10,000 Mileage 50,613
2013 Ford Focus

Fuel Economy : 28 City / 40 HWY

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It can be a very difficult thing to experience, when you're on an already tight budget and you find yourself in need of a car. Should this happen there are plenty of options available to you, while realistically you won't be getting that brand new Mercedes Benz, but you can find plenty of used cars under 2000 easily.

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Chevrolet has brought us something that is quite foreign looking, and is in fact part of their foreign line up. This is the Chevrolet spark available soon in a plug in version, the spark is a mini car with quite a bit of surprises. While some may not enjoy it but the 2013 Chevrolet Spark is quite noticeable with it's style and the color choices available.


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Cars under 10000 is a perfect price range, you start to see more models of cars from the previous year in this category. Getting cars under 10000 is one of the most popular price ranges because of the high quality cars you get for not a lot of money. These are realistic and affordable vehicles for real people.

Being able to choose from plenty of cars, that are only a year or two old can be very beneficial to finding a car that will last you a long time. It is also nice to have some of the newer advances of in car technology opening up to you. This is a very popular price range for used cars. Most high quality used cars are cars under $10k. There are many versatile and accommodating options to choose from with cars below $10,000.

Using AutoLiquidator's car search engine you can find local cars under $10,000 fast and easy. So begin your search today for the most affordable and reliable used cars. Just fill out a quick application to get the ball rolling towards your used car deal today.

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