What are Car Rebates What Rebates Can Do for You

Rebates make car deals very attractive with their big cash rewards. Find out how rebates really work in your financing and see what is best for you.

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Benefits of Financing with Big Rebates

Amanda Hart

Rebates Matter

Attractive rebates

It is one of the most successful and most used sales tactics for any industry; the rebate. Rebates are basically a set number that can be deducted from a vehicle's price tag. Rebates may seem like free money, but you have to be careful and know what is really going on when you are signing on the line for your finance on new cars.

Rebates come in different forms from different people. Some rebates are offered by the manufacturer themselves. They do this to push sales of more expensive models, or models that are not selling particularly well. There are also dealer offered rebates, and even rebates offered by the federal government to encourage sales of low emission and high gas mileage vehicles.

Rebates can cut a considerable amount off the price tag, or they could possibly be used to lure you into a more expensive car deal. The key is to look a little closer at the deals you are being offered, and make the rebates work for you instead of the dealers.

Sorting it out

If you are looking at an expensive car with a large rebate, make sure you check out all the other terms of the deal. Oftentimes you can't even qualify for some rebates unless you have good credit.

Some rebates come only if you sign up for other terms and conditions. Maybe they will give you a $5000 rebate right now, but they will make your loan length longer and your interest rate higher. This means even though you get money back up front, you will pay it all back plus even more because you got locked into bad terms.

The only way to spot the good deals from the bad deals is to really sit down and work everything out. Take your time shopping around; the money you could save alone is worth the effort. There are rebates that will actually make the deal better for you, it's just up to you to find them. We can help connect you to the best lenders to get you started.

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