Some Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Some simple and explained advice for people looking to buy a used car.

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Some Advice when Buying a Used Vehicle

Kenny Dent

Research Before Buying

There are plenty out there that have bought, or are going to buy a used car. This is a great way to not only save some cash, but also get a great car that can last you some years. These are just some tips, pieces of advice, or things to keep in mind when buying a used car.

Mileage - One of the first things many will look at, and want to know are the miles on the car currently. This can not only affect how much you pay for a car, but give you an idea of what may happen or has happened to the vehicle mechanically.

Condition - This is two things really, the physical appearance of a car can say some things about a car. Certain things like newly painted areas or other physical inconsistencies could mean it had body work done after an accident. This also leads into the mechanical condition of the vehicle.

This can vary if you're buying privately or from a local car dealership but having a history or any major issues that were fixed can further give you an idea of how long the car will last. No regularly used vehicle will last you without some minor repairs or replacements over the course of its life.

History - There are plenty of ways to find a vehicles history using it's VIN. You can use services on the web or with your mobile phone to find out any major history the car has had. Some dealerships offer this, and it doesn't hurt to ask if you're buying from a dealership.

If you are not offered or are buying from a private buyer it is suggested you investigate this. This goes along with giving you a better idea the condition of the car by informing you of any major accidents, where the car was purchased, and if it has been sold previously. Most are willing to let you look this up, if not you can always find a local dealer with a similar car.

Test Drive - This can be done from both a private owner and a dealership. In the case of a private sale the owner may want to come with you, for obvious reasons, but taking a slight drive to see how the car drives can be vital. You can in a short time assess just how the car was driven, and how it will fare with how you drive.

Inspection - Some dealerships have this information on hand for you, from their own mechanics, but it doesn't hurt to ask if you can have it inspected. Private owners may also agree to this, and in either case an inspection can give you even more insight on the previous use of the car.

Oil used - Dealerships usually have on hand plenty of information, but asking many questions about the car can give you an idea of what this car will need. Asking a private owner this can give you an idea of how they maintained the car. Should they not know what oil the car takes you may want to think twice about buying.

These are just some tips or small pieces of advice to keep in mind when looking to buy a used car. Any and all questions asked that you feel are necessary should be asked. Using the internet and car sites like this one can help you tremendously.

You can save time and energy by finding the make, model, and price you want in your local area using autoliquidator. Having plenty of information provided to you about the car before you contact the dealer to get any other information you will need. Start browsing to buy a used car today and see just how easy it is.

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