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Auto Sales > Car News > American Auto Makers Reporting Consecutive Yearly Profits

American Auto Makers Reporting Consecutive Yearly Profits

With the American top auto makers reporting consecutive years of profit, some better than others, it is obvious that the industry is heading in the right direction. The big three have expanded their industry and focused heavily on staying toe to toe with foreign auto makers.

While some profits weren’t as great as the year previous, they still had a profitable year, and that is always better news than the previous ‘impending doom’ that was maintaining headlines for months on end. With the entire industry shifting it’s focus to supplying with quality vehicles that are not only reliable, but safety cautious and economically sound as well.

Strong Sales Through-Out 2012

With Ford having the biggest profit for the last few years, GM right behind them, and Chrysler still earning a profit at year end, and as consumers you can see this with the cars being offered now. Many newer model cars are offered in more ‘eco friendly’ options and are quite affordable. It is the perfect time to be shopping for used cars or new ones.

If you’re looking to find an affordable new car with high MPG or trying to get that big heavy duty pick up truck. The American Companies are still in the business and are flourishing. While they have some catch up to play still in competition from foreign auto makers, they are doing well in their respective areas.

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