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Auto Sales > Car News > The Big Games Black Out and Lack of GM

The Big Games Black Out and Lack of GM

Something that has gone under the radar and hasn’t been covered as much during the Super Bowl was the fact that General Motors was absent from the commercial competition this year. During this time of year many of the major car companies spend a large amount on getting an ad in during the game, and has been known to be one of the biggest advertisement times of the year to help drive new car sales.

However this year one major note missing from this was General Motors. Considering how many key products GM has releasing this year, and currently on the market people are wondering if this was a smart move or not. Advertisement during the super bowl is very expensive being quite a few million per 30 second block of time.

The new Corvette Stingray was supposed to be featured during the half time show, but the deal had fallen through. Some are skeptical on the lack of any GM ads during the game, considering the buzz and upcoming models from GM. The coming year we’ll start to see more coverage of the automakers and their new vehicles. Especially these coming weeks with the Chicago Auto Show starting up this weekend.

Will this Affect GM Sales over the Year

What will be interesting to see is throughout the year if this has an effect on GM’s auto sales. Seeing as it has gotten some press and has some media attention, the idea that it’d hurt their sales is not a very strong point. The very interesting thing is while it has been covered by some media sites for the most part the big news is about the black out during the big game.

The year will go on and we’ll get to see just how the company fares, given how they have been doing there is little concern that saving on not plugging an ad into the Super Bowl will really hurt GM. With their sales being very strong the last few years, and their product line becoming as robust and open as it is now. It really is a great time to be a consumer looking to get a new car deal.

Especially since the buzz is still going strong from the past event, and the upcoming auto show, this is a perfect time to find a new or used vehicle. Not to mention the fact that President’s Day is just around the corner, on the tail end of the auto show, and is sure to bring in plenty of eager buyers to local dealerships wanting to get a new vehicle.

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