Get the closest thing to 0% financing on new Honda cars

If you want the most affordable way to finance new Honda cars, we can show you the closest thing to Honda 0% financing that is available today.

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Honda 0 Percent Financing

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Honda 0% financing

Zero percent

If you have wanted to buy a new Honda vehicle but needed to get the lowest financing interest rate possible, we can point the way to the Honda 0% financing deals.

Technically Honda is not currently offering APR rates at exactly 0%, but instead their lowest rate is 0.9%. Your national lender will need to determine if you qualify for this low rate by judging several different criteria, not the least of which being your credit score. There are other factors that are important as well, such as your employment history and income.

Getting low interest rates is critical to saving money in the long run when you buy your next vehicle. If you do qualify for these deals, you could drive home in one of the new Honda cars you have had your eye on, and take home realistic and practical auto financing on them as well. These current highlighted financing offers from Honda run until September 4, 2012.

Honda 0% financing
Honda vehicles

The 2012 Honda Accord is one of their most popular vehicles. This midsize sedan is a perennial chart topper in sales numbers. You can buy this family car for $21,480, and if you qualify, you could get an APR rate of just 0.9% for 24-60 months. This applies to both the coupe and sedan models.

The 2012 Honda Civic is another vehicle that has always done very well. It is a very reliable and high quality small car. It comes in many different trims, including a hybrid model, so you can find one that fits you perfect. The Civic starts at $15,755 and you can get 0.9% APR financing for 24-36 months.

Although there aren't any low interest rates offered on the more popular 2012 Honda CR-V, there is 0.9% APR financing available for 24-36 months on the larger 2012 Honda Pilot. The Pilot is a very roomy and smooth driving midsize SUV you can fit your whole family into.

Here are some other Honda vehicles and the 0 percent financing deals you could qualify for:
  1. 2012 Honda Crosstour
    • 0.9% APR for 24-60 months
  2. 2012 Honda Odyssey
    • 0.9% APR for 24-60 months
  3. 2012 Honda Ridgeline
    • 0.9% APR for 24-36 months

Should you qualify for these special financing rates, you will be able to comfortably finance the new Honda car you have wanted. There are more deals offered than just these three as well, so find out what you can get today.

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2019 Honda Odyssey
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2019 Honda CR-V
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MSRP: $24,350
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