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Check Out the New 8 Passenger Vehicles for Sale in 2012

If you are looking for new car deals on 8 passenger vehicles for sale, check out our lists of the top vehicles that seat eight people.

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8 Passenger Vehicles

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Top 8 Passenger Vehicles

Top 8 seat cars

If you're the type of car buyer that requires a vehicle seating capacity up to 8 people, then you will greatly benefit from our top 8 passenger vehicle list. Ranging from powerful and luxury SUV's to family functional minivans, there is a handful of top performing multi-passenger vehicles that we believe are the best 8 seat cars.


Most of the new cars that seat eight passengers are crossover SUVs or full size SUVs. Many people shied away from big SUVs after gas prices shot up a couple years ago which cause manufacturers to rethink and redesign these utility vehicles. Now they are much more practical and fuel efficient for everyday drivers who need a lot of space in their cars. This is one of the most popular and competitive car segments in the industry. Here are the top SUVs that can seat 8 people:

Top 8 Passenger Vehicles
  1. GMC Acadia
  2. Chevy Traverse
  3. GMC Yukon
  4. Toyota Sequoia
  5. Honda Pilot
  6. Chevy Tahoe
  7. Ford Expedition
  8. Nissan Armada
  9. Chevy Suburban

Top 8 Passenger Vehicles

Minivans are not nearly as popular as they used to be, partially due to the growing popularity and success of the new car deals on crossover SUVs. There are only two new minivans for sale that you can fit eight people into, but they are both very high quality cars by manufacturers who have proven they can build good minivans. Here are the top 8 seat minivans:
  1. Honda Odyssey
  2. Toyota Sienna

Top 8 Passenger Vehicles
Work vans

Unless you want to buy a school bus, the full size work vans are going to get you the most passenger space for your dollar. They may not be the most luxurious or the best performing vehicles around, but nothing moves a lot of people around as comfortable as these new family vehicles:
  1. Chevy Express
  2. Ford Econoline
  3. GMC Savanna

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